ComFast CF-WR750AC V2.0


No physical cable connected
Connect to device with Laptop (seen as 2.4G_COMCAST_30FBED_2

Connection IP is

Should popup device login at
Login with admin/admin
Any problems access at

Immediately change user/password & allow to reboot
– Will again open browser login at

Default mode is repeater, which is good

– Country
– 5GHZ (AC) only
– SSID = GalacticVortex_5G
– RootAP = GalacticVortex_5G
– WPA2 / AES
– password = xxxxxx5G
– Repeater Client – ‘5G_COMFAST_30FBED RPT0’
– Not sure what the repeater client is for so I will set a password:
– WPA2 / AES
– Password = xxxxx5GRC

– Country
– GalacticVortex_2.4G
– GalacticVortex_2.4G
– WPA2 / AES
– password = xxxxx2.4G
– Repeater Client = ‘2.4G_COMFAST_30FBED_RPT1’
– WPA2 / AES
– Password = xxxxx2.4GRC

– Turn off device
– Connect lan cable
– power on

— Need to get common ip range across base network

Samsung Gear VR

installed SideloadVR from Play Store


Had to upload file PC via (Upload via phone no go suggestions it truncates filename on upload):

In SideloadVR Market: Installed StreamTheater

Updated NVIDIA drivers and GEFORCE EXperience on GT750TI PC

  • Yes dcan get game to stream, but XBOX 360 controller on PC disabled in game
  • Solution: On PC rename NVIDIA… Rrxinput.dll to .old