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Ex Lease Tiny PCs

Nov 2021 PBTech $251.48incl Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro Desktop (A Grade OFF-LEASE) Intel Core I5 4590T 8GB 256GB SSD NO-Optical Win 10 Home – Reconditioned by PBTech-w/3m warranty PBT ‘Refubished'(e.g. they gave it a wipe with a micro fibre cloth..) Replaced TV PC Dec 2021 29 Mar 2022 PBTech $256.48incl Lenovo Think Center M93 Tiny […]

Desktop I7-7700K, GTX 1080 Used

Try reinstall as Win 10 Pro (Have new license) Uninstalled Office 2010 Pro Apps currently: Steam etc on D NZXT Cam No need for Oculus tools Gimp MySQL Workbench Notepad++ Icecream Slideshow maker Python Arduino VLC — Todo: GPU Sag Water cool GPU (Kraken G12 + Kraken ??) 20200729 Software Chrome + Firefox NZXT CAM […]

Zotak Mek1

20201230 Machine not used for 18 months Swapped out: MX500 1TB SSD for Kingston SSDNow 960GB SUV400S3 Kingston was left over from that used GTX 1080 machine Kingston is very budget and not good as system drive so is fine for game/data drive in this box and will fre up MX500 for use elsewhere 20181108 […]

ComFast CF-WR750AC V2.0

AC750 No physical cable connected Connect to device with Laptop (seen as 2.4G_COMCAST_30FBED_2 Connection IP is Should popup device login at Login with admin/admin Any problems access at Immediately change user/password & allow to reboot – Will again open browser login at Default mode is repeater, which is good 5GBasic: – […]

Backups, Raid, SSD, M-Disc

After issues with our Raid setup, need to do an upgrade. 20161010: Basement server W7SERVER PC, built 2012? Windows 10 autoupgraded from Win 7 20161010: Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H (Ordered Asus M4A78L-M Socket AM3 MB (6 Sata) but out of stock so got a Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H AM3 Rev 1.3) AMD Athlon X2 845 2 x Kingston 2GB […]

Dell XPS One 2710

20210605 Screen flickering getting even worse, unusable even with a bunty fan blowing air through a cutout in the rear cover, so: Dedusted (had built up quite a bit thanks to the big 120mm fan) In Intel settings turned brightness right down Using OSD turned brightness back to maybe 55 All good now even with […]