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GMail classifying shipping notifications as SPAM

Customers say they are not receiving our emails to GMAIL accounts. Testing shows they are in the GMail SPAM folder Attempts to resolve this: Domain Authentication per Add & verify your Authentication Domains What’s an Authentication Domain? An authentication domain is either the DKIM (d=) or SPF domain (Return-Path domain) that is used to […]

Argox Printers OS-2140D

Easy Product Finder – Shop for Labels and Ribbons for Argox OS-214D Printing Technology Specifications: Direct Thermal Label Specifications: Min Width: 1.00″/25.4mm, Max Width: 4.33″/110mmLabel Diameter Specifications:  Roll Diameter:  4.0 Inch, Core Diameter: 1.0 InchRibbon Specifications: N/APrinting Format Specifications: Runs Roll and Fanfold Labels Su pply me SS748599

Packaging Options for MfM

20190724 Started moving these around as we are about to need a new 1200mm roll so don’t want to be moving a full roll as is heavy. Rethinking a minimum: 1200mm Corrugated roll 900mm Corrugated rroll 600mm Corrugated roll 300mm Corrugated roll 300mm bubble wrap A litle inconvenient to use 1200mm for shorter widths but.. […]

Jobs for Dumb Arse

Nomenclature: Bays: bay 1 is main door bay bay 2 is middle bay bay 3 is lundia end bay Benches: bench 1 (bay 1) is the drop saw bench bench 2 (bay 1) is the main packing bench opposite bench 1 (has ~125 lamsden parts bins with the M3-M5 screws on it) bench 3 (bay […]


20190731 Inital swap of RC4 / 2 x pinballs 20190730 Soldering station 20190317 Large TVs against Gge door (temporary) Middle window: 6 x FCabs inline workbench Cabs in place, rough wooden bench top Needs power run, shelving, on left after determine: where PCs live where soldering/rework station lives Box shelving above: partially done, pending decision […]

Measure/Cutting fence (Mitre Station) I also ruled out an automatically positioned stop, like the previously mentioned Tiger Stop, Accu-Cut Gold, or ProScale. I passed by these options because of the price Maya Positioning Equipment makes some beautiful fences and stops and I was introduced to the company when I met the owner at IWF in Atlanta last year. I was very impressed […]

MFM Purchases

Initial versions 20181117 — Keep track of purchases ‘ Snapshot in case ever lost CREATE TABLE `m4m_wpProducts` (`wp_post_id` INT ,`wp_post_title` TEXT ,`wp_sku` TEXT , KEY `iPostID` (`wp_post_id`) USING BTREE ); insert into m4m_wpProducts (`wp_post_id`, `wp_post_title`, `wp_sku`) select ID, post_title, pm_sku from vProductMetaData; Purchases CREATE TABLE `m4m_purchases` (id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY ,`wp_post_id` INT […]