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Packaging Options for MfM

Between brown paper, bubble wrap & corrugated cardboard a lot fo space is taken up by these materials Having them hanging above bench 2 is fine, but above bench 3 limits that benchs usefulness: Bench top to ceiling to 1200mm and each roll hangs down at least 600m when full so we can;t place drill […]

Jobs for Dumb Arse

Nomenclature: Bays: bay 1 is main door bay bay 2 is middle bay bay 3 is lundia end bay Benches: bench 1 (bay 1) is the drop saw bench bench 2 (bay 1) is the main packing bench opposite bench 1 (has ~125 lamsden parts bins with the M3-M5 screws on it) bench 3 (bay […]


20190317 Large TVs against Gge door (temporary) Middle window: 6 x FCabs inline workbench Cabs in place, rough wooden bench top Needs power run, shelving, on left after determine: where PCs live where soldering/rework station lives Box shelving above: partially done, pending decision on what tops 100 drawer cab 100 Drawer cab: Wall off left […]

Measure/Cutting fence (Mitre Station) I also ruled out an automatically positioned stop, like the previously mentioned Tiger Stop, Accu-Cut Gold, or ProScale. I passed by these options because of the price Maya Positioning Equipment makes some beautiful fences and stops and I was introduced to the company when I met the owner at IWF in Atlanta last year. I was very impressed […]

MFM Purchases

Initial versions 20181117 — Keep track of purchases ‘ Snapshot in case ever lost CREATE TABLE `m4m_wpProducts` (`wp_post_id` INT ,`wp_post_title` TEXT ,`wp_sku` TEXT , KEY `iPostID` (`wp_post_id`) USING BTREE ); insert into m4m_wpProducts (`wp_post_id`, `wp_post_title`, `wp_sku`) select ID, post_title, pm_sku from vProductMetaData; Purchases CREATE TABLE `m4m_purchases` (id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY ,`wp_post_id` INT […]

Alum 2018

ORDER NET WEIGHT SHIPPED/RECEIVED I expect to receive: 2020V profile: 1417pcs x 2.52m x 0.56kg/m = 1999.67kg 2040V profile:  404pcs x 2.52m x 0.98kg/m = 997.72kg 2060 profile: 132pcs x 2.52m x 1.5kg/m = 498.96kg 2080 profile: 107pcs x 2.52m x 1.85kg/m = 498.83kg Received pieces: 2020V: 2040V: 2060: 2080: — 20180901 checking space Onhand: […]

MFM GST Return Procedures

Prepare paper folders 1 x monthy foolscape pocket folder Pre Nov 18 return: 5 x Manilla folders: Receivables KB Payables Trademe Paypal Personal CC Txns Per Nov 18 return: 2 x Manilla folders: Kiwibank payables in one folder Trademe / paypal / Personal CC Trans in second folder Sales invoices at bottom of foolscape folder […]