Setting up Mill for 2020/2040 stock milling


Goal: Setup mill to consistently/repeatedly mill 10mm in from end of 2020 profiles along the centerline

  1. Bolt Vice in making sure is at right angle to x axis
  2. Put custom alignment tool into 12mm Collet & mount into mill (push as far as possible into collet)
  3. Pack rear of vice with 2020 Length and align alignment tool to this 2020
  4. Put custom alignment piece of 2020 on rigght side and align to inside of this

That’s it

Tapping 2020 R5mm

Straight Tapping is too tight and deforms the outer surface

  • 13/64 =, 5.1594

Best result =

  • Drill out M5 using 13/64
  • Tap using cordless drill, tap is Genuine Sutton Tools Tap T385 M6x1 6H
    • Not cheap but repeatable results
  • I have both CRC Cutting oil & WD40 ‘WORX’ I get much better results with ‘WORX’

Also Thread rolling taps