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SimExperience Stage 1 new front end

4040 2 x 390mm inserted into end of Stage 1 side bars, 200mm in out extension available Each: Stop for maximum extension: threaded M6 10mm from 1 end Cap screw M6x16mm as a stop Each: Clamping: 2 x M8 4040 T8mm M8 Spring block nuts 2 x M8x16mm clamping handles (Maybe cut down later pack […]

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Bodinhausen T500 Adaptor with T3Pa pro non functional

20180518 We have on hand: Bought from way back in 2015 and not used until now: Bodinhausen T500RS Pedal Adapter ( Bodnar Cable: Logitech® G25/G27/DFGT/DFP or Generic Pedals Adaptor We also have Logitech G25 Pedal Set Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedal set Connecting G25 pedal Set to Bodnar Cable our Win 10 PC shows Logitech […]

Workshop Power Connections

RC4-4DOF Motion Sim Rig 20190525 If Mount PC on Rig, (reduce to 1 PC, use wireless connection): On Rig requiring power: PC + Monitor (double header plug) Subwoofer Wheel Motion platform Off Rig, requires coiled mains cable 1 per each below: 240-110v Converter 240v to rig Set 1: Minimum set for PC Use function only […]

Simtools Installation 2 PCs

Simtools 2 PC setup proposed Simtools Game manager on Gaming PC Currently either: i3 xxx GTX1060 3GB Zotak Mek1 (i7-7700, GTX7010 Ti)  Already has 2 x Gigabit Ethernet connections on board The physically lower Ethernet connection is Ethernet 1 which is the one we shall use Ethernet 1 hardcoded IP to Simtools Game Engine […]

Zotak Mek1

20201230 Machine not used for 18 months Swapped out: MX500 1TB SSD for Kingston SSDNow 960GB SUV400S3 Kingston was left over from that used GTX 1080 machine Kingston is very budget and not good as system drive so is fine for game/data drive in this box and will fre up MX500 for use elsewhere 20181108 […]

Fasetech RC4-4DOF

The promise: Dimensions: assembled simulator without accessories and fully expanded. 155/90/85cm (L/W/H) assembled simulator without accessories and made as small as possible. 135/90/75cm (L/W/H) Then add bottom plate: 1.2m diameter When operating stated requirements is 1.8m x 1.8m so we will 1.8m diameter circle Specified Movement: Pitch & Roll: 28 degrees Yaw: 500 degrees Max […]

RFactor 2 V8 setup per KiwiSimRacing

New to RFactor:some useful tips in this post For Rfactor league number 48 we will going back to the class of racing that has brought KSR some of its largest grids and some of its toughest racing. Its Big, Its Loud, Its Fast and has V8 in the front of it, we are talking […]

20180825 Sim Hardware Changes

20180825 K7S8X PC Specs elsewhere Zeon 55″ 4K TV Removed Logitech G27 Physically installed:: Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Install wheel ok (running off 3000VA 110v step down tfr) 20190528 Ordered 200w stepdown transformer, should be suffficient as Toroidal transformer to Wheel says output is 96w max Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro Pedal Set Rubber brake mod installed, default (F1) […]

Sim Racing Game Setup Notes

Project Cars 2 To set as windows and custom resolution add startup parameters: -windowsize 3840,1080 Asetto Corsa: 20181205 I have 17″ 1280×1024 old monitors in Portrait either side of 27″ 1920×1080 screen, but not aligned horizontally as yet.  To give similar verical pixel counts the 17’s are set 10 1024×768 768+768+1920= 3456 horizontal I estimate […]