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WPC GI Dimming

General Illumination (GI): contains five separate strings of up to 18 bulbs per string, with a maximum of 90 bulbs. Each string is controlled by a Triac, which is controlled by the microprocessor. The microprocessor has control of the triaces through through a latch that it uses to store control signals. The GI circuit can […]


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Pinball: The Getaway II

2014? Not looked at until 20180221 Right slingshot: broken link, replaced Top flipper sticking replaced coil sleeve & spring Right pop bumper not firing, adjusted leaf switch Main fuse blowing: replaced inrush limitor, spike arrestor, EMI filter (Had to use Jaycar part), note it was the EMI filter that was blowing the fuse! Gone to […]

Pinball: STTNG Star Trek The Next Generation

Bought 2016 sometime Observations: The cleanest best condition machine I’ve ever seen, immaculate under the glass ColorDMD display Power driver board is a Rottendog replacement (full size, all through hole), laid out like original except BR’s are separate diodes.   It seems pretty nice. Reminder re ball locations on startup: STTNG is a six ball game, […]

Pinball: Williams WPC Boards

Power Driver Board WPC-S and Earlier Driver Board: BR1 to C6 & C7 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F114: +18 volts used for lamp driver columns. Then the 18 volts goes through voltage regulator Q2 (LM7812) and F115, and is converted to 12 volts (regulated) for the switch matrix. BR2 to C5 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to […]

Pinball: Twilight Zone

Purchased Nov 2017 Initial observations Playfield in great condition Cab in good condition Some GI out Issue: TZ-20180119 Resetting sometimes when both flippers pressed Replaced all Rectifiers & large capacitors Power Driver PCB Observations On removal notice GI socket (cable side) has been replaced and shows signs of heat damage Q64 and upstream Q75 have […]

Pinball Replacing gates

Piano Wire  This is very stiff and durable steel wire. Excellent for forming replacements for ball gates, spinners, and linkages. It is bendable with pliers but will stay as formed. Stands up well to ball impact. Comes in two sizes, the thin is .047″ and the thick is .063″

Pinball Machine Electronic Component Notes

Transistor substitutes TIP 36C: Common 100v, 25a, PNP general purpose power transistor for most pinball machines in TO-218 package Common 100v, 25a, PNP general purpose power transistor for most pinball machines in TO-218 or TO-247 package. Reference: TIP36C TIP36CG TIP36CW Williams 5194-12179-00 Stern 110-0077-00 TIP 102: NPN 100 volt 8 amp complementary Darlington transistor in […]

Pinball CFTBL Creature From The Black Lagoon

Ex Napier Timeout 20170416 Sticky left flipper Replaced coil sleeve Ground plunger edges Stop is A12111 (Pinball-life says is Williams 02/1988 to 04/1993, Roadshow is a 94 game and it uses A12390) 20170723 Leftmost lane has a one way gate, is broken Complete gate is A15661 usually sold out 12-7045 is wireform only Ramp A-15621 […]

WPC DMD Display Controller Board

Power in/out: 80VAC in = 62VDC out 100VAC in = -113VDC / -125VDC out 12DC In = 12DC out 5VDC In = VCC + PCB Ground   J605 AC In direct from Transformer J605.1 White: 80VAC from transformer, to BR1 J605.2 White: 80VAC from transformer, to fuse F601 to BR1 F605.3 Violet: 100VAC from transformer, to fuse […]