Pinball: The Getaway II


Not looked at until 20180221

  • Right slingshot: broken link, replaced
  • Top flipper sticking replaced coil sleeve & spring
  • Right pop bumper not firing, adjusted leaf switch
  • Main fuse blowing: replaced inrush limitor, spike arrestor, EMI filter (Had to use Jaycar part), note it was the EMI filter that was blowing the fuse!

Gone to GH NZ$2500 as a gift

Pinball: STTNG Star Trek The Next Generation

Bought 2016 sometime


  • The cleanest best condition machine I’ve ever seen, immaculate under the glass
  • ColorDMD display
  • Power driver board is a Rottendog replacement (full size, all through hole), laid out like original except BR’s are separate diodes.   It seems pretty nice.

Reminder re ball locations on startup:

  • STTNG is a six ball game, BUT on startup it relocates the 6 balls so that:
    • 1 sitting in Left VUK
    • 1 sitting in Left Gun VUK
    • 1 sitting in Right Gun VUK
    • 3 in through
  • There a 2 switches each in both Left & Right Gun VUK’s
  • There are 4 switches in Left VUK

Issue STTNG-20180120: F112 Fuse blown

A guest was playing and said balls had disappeared. They had.

Looked at Power Driver Board, has separate unlit 50V indicator LED as well as nice test points.  The 50V circuit is out.

From WPC Schematics manual

  • J102 supplies BR3 via F112
    Output of BR3 (50V DC) splits to pass through:

    • F101, F102 then flipper circuits via J109, J110
    • F103 (Continuous), F104 (Lo power pulse), F105 (High power pulse) then to solenoids via J106, J107, J108

Checked fuses:

  • F112 is blown, no others. It had a 5A fuse.  manual says 7A but some people do seem to put 5A in instead as thats what they have.  I won’t simply assume its under fused until I check for shorts

Trouble shooting step 1:

  • Reseated J102
  • Disconnected J106, J107 (J108 is NC on this machine)
  • Replaced F112 with 5A fuse
  • Powered up machine


  • 50V DC led is on
  • Did all Flipper tests no problems

Trouble shooting step 2:

  • Reconnected J106. Hmm I can’t see J106 in the solenoids table
  • Power up machine


  • fuse still good
  • Ran all solenoid tests.  No solenoids fired.  Still not sure what J106 is feeding

Trouble shooting step 3:

  • Reconnected J107
  • Power up machine
  • Machine plays ok

I will assume is underfused and takes a particular combination to blow F112 at 5A

Update (20180203) Machine is playing ok with regards to this issue)

Issue STTNG-20180203: Left VUK firing but not ball not sucessfully kicking out (Weak VUK)


  • This is a very busy VUK, in near constant use, so is a high wear assembly
  • The coil mounting bracket has a missing stud (Part = A-16858).  A fair indication that has been worked on previously
  • The plunger is sticking slightly when retracted fully (by the spring)
    • The coil sleeve on this coil extends longer than those on the Left & Right Gun VUK coils.  I suggest the coil sleeve has been replaced previously with a sleeve that extends far enough out the top of the coil that the slight mushrooming of the coil plunger is binding on the sleeve


  • Replaced the coil sleeve with one that extends less out the top of the coil (Part = 03-7067)
  • Trimmed (bevelled) the edge of the VUK plastic top extension (Part = Armature Assembly A-13270)
  • On assembly replaced missing coil bracket stud with bolt/lock nut

Issue STTNG-20180303: Getting Air balls off stand ups either side of Beta Quadrant Ramp

  • New backing foam into these standups, also the Time Rift standups as a precaution

Issue STTNG-20190210 Broken Plastics

  • 31-1803-10-SP Ferengi set left side
  • 31-1803-32 cracked, not so necessary to replace

Pinball: Williams WPC Boards

Power Driver Board

WPC-S and Earlier Driver Board:

    • BR1 to C6 & C7 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F114: +18 volts used for lamp driver columns. Then the 18 volts goes through voltage regulator Q2 (LM7812) and F115, and is converted to 12 volts (regulated) for the switch matrix.
    • BR2 to C5 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F113: +5 volts. The bridge and cap that fail the most.
    • BR3 to C8 (100 mfd @ 100v) to F112: +50 volts, used for solenoids.
    • BR4 to C11 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F111: +20 volts, used for flash lamps.
    • BR5 to C30 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F116: +12 volts unregulated for playfield devices, dot matrix display, and the coin door.
    • BR1 (on Fliptronics II board) to C2 (100 mfd @ 100v) to F901-F904: +50 volts used for the flippers. Located on the Fliptronics II board.

Pinball: Twilight Zone

Purchased Nov 2017

Initial observations

  • Playfield in great condition
  • Cab in good condition
  • Some GI out

Issue: TZ-20180119

Resetting sometimes when both flippers pressed

  • Replaced all Rectifiers & large capacitors

Power Driver PCB Observations

  • On removal notice GI socket (cable side) has been replaced and shows signs of heat damage
  • Q64 and upstream Q75 have had rework, but only 1 lead of Q64 is soldered to the board on the PCB underside (Q75/Q64 = Solenoid 05 Right Ramp Diverter
  • BR1 / BR2 heatsink retaining screws: 1 was very loose, the other was barely done up

Issue: TZ20180204 Some GI Strings out

  • Playfield Left WhtBrn/Brn
  • Clock + Insert WhtYel/Yel – 4 x leds on clock face are good, will have top see what ‘Insert’ is
  • Insert Main WhtGrn/Grn


General Illumination
Voltage Connections Drive
Drive Connections Drive
Bulb Type
Playfield Insert Cabinet Playfield Insert Cabinet Playfield Insert
01 PLAYFIELD LEFT G.I. J121-1 Q18 J121-7 WHT-BRN #44
02 MINI-PLAYFIELD & INSERT G.I. J121-2 J120-2 Q10 J121-8 J120-8 WHT-ORG #555 #555
03 CLOCK & INSERT G.I. J121-3 J120-3 Q14 J121-9 J120-9 WHT-YEL #86 #555
04 INSERT MAIN G.I. J120-5 Q16 J120-10 WHT-GRN #555
05 PLAYFIELD RIGHT G.I. J121-6 Q12 J121-11 WHT-VIO #44


Pinball Replacing gates

Piano Wire 

This is very stiff and durable steel wire. Excellent for forming replacements for ball gates, spinners, and linkages. It is bendable with pliers but will stay as formed. Stands up well to ball impact. Comes in two sizes, the thin is .047″ and the thick is .063″

Pinball Machine Electronic Component Notes

Transistor substitutes

TIP 36C: Common 100v, 25a, PNP general purpose power transistor for most pinball machines in TO-218 package

Common 100v, 25a, PNP general purpose power transistor for most pinball machines in TO-218 or TO-247 package.


  • TIP36C
  • TIP36CG
  • TIP36CW
  • Williams 5194-12179-00
  • Stern 110-0077-00

TIP 102: NPN 100 volt 8 amp complementary Darlington transistor in a TO-220 package.

Common replacement for TIP120, TIP122, 2N6045 and SE9302 series power Darlington transistors.

NPN 100 volt 8 amp complementary Darlington transistor in a TO-220 package.


  • Williams 5162-09410-00
  • Williams 5162-12635-00
  • Bally E-00585-0034
  • Stern 25A-2-2, X44E198 locations Q1-Q19
  • TIP120
  • TIP122
  • 2N6045
  • SE9302

TIP 107: PNP Darlington 100 Volt, 8 Amp, TO-220

Used on Bally / Williams WPC driver boards


  • 5192-12428-00
  • TIP107TU
  • TIP107G

TIP 122: Common 60v, 5a NPN Darlington BJT transistor in TO-220 package


  • 5162-09410-00
  • Data East / Sega / Stern 110-0067-00
  • Wico 21-309400
  • TIP102 is excellent substitute

IC’s (Logic)

LM339N : Integrated circuit 14 pin DIP quad voltage comparator. Substitute for BA10339 low power quad voltage comparator

ULN2803A : Integrated circuit 18 pin DIP Switch Matrix Driver

SN74LS240N : Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Inverting 3-ST Bipolar PDIP-20



74HC237N : NSC 16-PIN DIP




Over $43.00 worth of commonly failed electronic components for Williams WPC system pinball machines.

Kit includes:

  • TIP102 transistor (3 pieces)
  • TIP107 transistor (3 pieces)
  • TIP36C transistor (3 pieces)
  • 2N5401 tranisistor (3 pieces)
  • 1N4007 diode (20 pieces)
  • ULN2803 integrated circuit (3 pieces)
  • LM339N integrated circuit (3 pieces)
  • DIP14 integrated circuit 14 pin socket (3 pieces)
  • DIP18 integrated circuit 18 pin socket (3 pieces)Reference:
  • 5162-09410-00 TIP102
  • 5162-12428-00 TIP107
  • 5162-12422-00 ULN2803A
  • 5370-12272-00 LM339N
  • 5700-10389-00 DIP 18 socket

Fault Area                  Part        QTY      Symptom
Lamp columns   TIP107  1   Lamp column is stuck on
Driver         TIP102  2   Lamp row or solenoid
High power     TIP36C  2   Solenoid stuck on
Pre-driver     2N5401  2   Solenoid stuck on
Diodes         1N4007 20   Switch, lamp matrix
Switch matrix
  ULN2803 2   Switch matrix column
18-pin socket          1   Machined socket

Switch matrix  LM339   2   Bad switch matrix row
IR emitter LED         5   These overheat
Phototransistor        2   Less common failure. 

Comes packaged in case.

Pinball CFTBL Creature From The Black Lagoon

Ex Napier Timeout

20170416 Sticky left flipper

  • Replaced coil sleeve
  • Ground plunger edges
  • Stop is A12111 (Pinball-life says is Williams 02/1988 to 04/1993, Roadshow is a 94 game and it uses A12390)


  • Leftmost lane has a one way gate, is broken
    • Complete gate is A15661 usually sold out
    • 12-7045 is wireform only
  • Ramp A-15621 sequential/chase GI (A-16087-1, A16088-1, A-16089) has about 24 mini lamps quite a few blown, these are #86 (T1.75?)

#86 lamps used:

  • A-15672 8-Lamp Board Assy = 8 lamps
  • A-15621 Ramp Assembly = 24 lamps counted
  • Seems these are not commonly available from the usual Pinball LED vendors
  • Had a play making up some with SMD’s on veroboard worked ok for a bit of fun, but since we selling this machine:
    • 20180928 36 x Green ordered from CometPinball

WPC DMD Display Controller Board

Power in/out:

  • 80VAC in = 62VDC out
  • 100VAC in = -113VDC / -125VDC out
  • 12DC In = 12DC out
  • 5VDC In = VCC + PCB Ground


J605 AC In direct from Transformer

  • J605.1 White: 80VAC from transformer, to BR1
  • J605.2 White: 80VAC from transformer, to fuse F601 to BR1
  • F605.3 Violet: 100VAC from transformer, to fuse F602, to BR2
  • F605.4: Key
  • F605.5 Violet: 100VAC from transformer, to BR2


J606 DC In

  • J606.1: Common GND  *** CHECK ***
  • J606.2: Key
  • J606.3: Common GND
  • J606.4: 5VDC slight isolation = Display Driver Vcc
  • J606.5: 5VDC
  • J606.6: 12VDC
  • J606.7: 12VDC


J604 Power out (To DMD PCB)

  • J604.1: -125VDC
  • J604.2: -113VDC
  • J604.3: Key
  • J604.4: Common Gnd
  • J604.5: Display Driver PCB GND
  • J604.6: Display Driver Vcc = 5VDC
  • J604.7: 12VDC (Slight drop as passes through D7 ?)
  • J604.8: +63VDC
  • Note: .4 & .5 are shown as connected on Cherry Schematic

WPC rebuild parts




11 piece electronic component rebuild kit for the Bally / Williams WPC pinball System part # A-12697-1, A-12697-3, A-112697-4 boards.

Kit includes 5 bridge rectifiers and 6 capacitors that commonly fail due to age and cause various game symptoms such as intermittent resetting.

Kit includes:

  • KBPC3504W(5 pieces) BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5
  • C15KM25VR capacitors (5 pieces) C5, C6, C&, C11
  • C100M200VR capacitor (1 piece) C8


  • WPC-PDA12697X
  • A-12697-1 WPC power driver pcb assembly
  • A-12697-3 WPC power driver pcb assembly
  • A-12697-4 WPC power driver pcb assembly
0.612 lb