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FPuppy Manufacturing Parts

OpenBuilds Cube Connector they sell for US$4.77 Aliexpress clone US$112.50 for 50 = US$2.25 ea, = NZ$3.36 cost = NZ$ retail? Milled from 20mm solid block Block/bar at US$5 per KG + shipping 20mm x 20mm 6000 x 1m aluminium = 1.08kg, = US$2.24 each, more bought in small qtys 0.0216kg = 21.6g per 20mm […]

FPuppy Product notes

Aluminium by length 2020, 2040 Fixed length selections in all subtypes 1000mm to 50mm in 50mm intervals max 1000mm initially till we work out max courier lengths and packaging Default: Squared both ends 2020 Product Addons: Squared both ends, 6mm threaded one end Squared both ends, 6mm threaded both ends Square 1 end, 45 degree […]

WordPress with WooCommerce for New Zealand

TODO: SSL Cert WooCommerce->Settings->Checkout Fresh domain Fresh WordPress install WooCommerce plugin installed/activated Yes to Physical products Yes to Tax StoreFront theme installed/activated WordPress: Settings->General Timezone Settings->Reading Front pages displays = Shop Settings->Discussion Disable comments WooCommerce->Settings->General: Base location = NZ Hawkes’s Bay Selling to: NZ only Default Customer Address = Geolocate SITE WIDE STORE NOTICE = […]

FPuppy Processes

Day to day general Kitting Monitor reorder levels Monitor packaging supplies levels Review/improve process Answer customer enquiries Order fulfilment List orders to fill Print address labels to fill Print invoices/packing list to fill Picking list Cut if necessary Package Post Workspace equipment: Touchscreen workstation + second screen for entertainment Printer Label printer Addresses Kitting labels […]

Ecommerce solutions NZ

    Need simplicity & preferably stock management Integrated Finance package, inventory & ecommerce Ok tried Storbie, has a few layout issues and the complex product export is broken as it includes html from descriptions which adds linefeeds to the export

China Aluminium

Bosch: 20 = 6mm slot, 5.5mm center, M6 center scrws 30 = 8mm, 7.3mm center, M8 center screws 40 = 10mm, 10mm center, M12 center screws? 45, 50, 60 = 10, 10mm center — Nut 10: 10mm base, 20mm top, depth? — M6 Low Profile Not quite extra […]