FPuppy Manufacturing Parts

OpenBuilds Cube Connector they sell for US$4.77

Aliexpress clone US$112.50 for 50 = US$2.25 ea, = NZ$3.36 cost = NZ$ retail?

Milled from 20mm solid block

Block/bar at US$5 per KG + shipping

  • 20mm x 20mm 6000 x 1m aluminium = 1.08kg, = US$2.24 each, more bought in small qtys
    • 0.0216kg = 21.6g per 20mm cube (shipping weight less after machining)
    • assume lose 3m per cut, a 1m bar yields 1000/23 = 43 units
    • assume US$10per kg landed = US$0.23 per cube
    • Machining cost?
      • Plunge x 3 larger diameter
      • Plunge x 3 mounting hole M6 for 2020
      • Additional plunge x 3 for stepping bolt fixing head
      • Edge rounding
  • 40mm x 40mm x 1m = 4.32kg = 0.17kg per 40mm cube


FPuppy Product notes

Aluminium by length

  • 2020, 2040 Fixed length selections in all subtypes 1000mm to 50mm in 50mm intervals
    • max 1000mm initially till we work out max courier lengths and packaging
  • Default: Squared both ends
  • 2020 Product Addons:
    • Squared both ends, 6mm threaded one end
    • Squared both ends, 6mm threaded both ends
    • Square 1 end, 45 degree other end
    • Square 1 end + 6mmm threaded, 45 degree other end
    • 45 degree both ends, opposite angles = isosceles trapezoid
    • 45 degree both ends, parallel angles = parallelogram
  • 2040 Product Addons:
    • Squared both ends, 6mm threaded one end
    • Squared both ends, 6mm threaded both ends
    • Square 1 end, 45 degree other end (short cut way)
    • Square 1 end, 45 degree other end (long cut way)
    • 45 degree both ends, opposite angles = isosceles trapezoid when viewed from the side with 20mm edge standing
    • 45 degree both ends, opposite angles = isosceles trapezoid when viewed from the side with 40mm edge standing
    • 45 degree both ends, parallel angles = parallelogram  when viewed from the side with 20mm edge standing
    • 45 degree both ends, parallel angles = parallelogram  when viewed from the side with 40mm edge standing
    • 45 degree both ends, where cuts are opposite planes, i.e. cut 1 end rotate along the centreline 90 degrees and cut again + variations


China Ord 1 Pic 1

China Ord 1 Pic 2

China Ord 1 Pic 3

WordPress with WooCommerce for New Zealand


  • WooCommerce->Settings->Checkout

  • Fresh domain
  • Fresh WordPress install
  • WooCommerce plugin installed/activated
    • Yes to Physical products
    • Yes to Tax
  • StoreFront theme installed/activated


  • Settings->General
    • Timezone
  • Settings->Reading
    • Front pages displays = Shop
  • Settings->Discussion
    • Disable comments


  • Base location = NZ Hawkes’s Bay
  • Selling to: NZ only
  • Default Customer Address = Geolocate
  • SITE WIDE STORE NOTICE = YES (default as supplied is ok)
  • Currency = NZD


  • Weight = kg
  • Dimenrsions = mm
  • Product ratings: all disabled for now


  • Prices Entered With Tax: Exclusive
  • Calculate tax based on: Shipping address
  • Shipping Tax Class: Standard
  • Rounding: Leave deselected so rounds at subtotal not per item
  • Display prices in shop: Excluding tax
  • Display prices during cart and checkout: Excluding tax
  • Price display suffix: incl GST {price_including_tax}
  • Display tax totals: As a single total


  • Coupons: Off
  • Enable guest checkout: On
  • Payment gateways: BACS only


  • Enable shipping: Yes
  • Enable the shipping calcualtor on the basket page: Yes
  • Shipping destination: Default to billing address
  • Shipping methods: Flat rate (not international): enabled


Products sold where variation is by length?

  • Set base product as minimum length
  • Set base product quantity as on hand / min length

Hmm here’s what we need:

Set base product quantity as no of shortest length we can sell

  • If we have 40 lengths of 1000mm product in stock, and the smallest length we sell is 50mm, then base product stock is (1000/50) * 40 = 800
  • For product variation on attribute length, we load a multiplier against each as per its multiple of 50mm
    • variation for 50mm = multiplier = 1
    • variation for 1000mm = multiplier = 20
  • When customer places product variation in cart we reserve:
    • variation for 50mm = 1 base product * multiplier = 1
    • variation for 1000mm = 1 base product * multiplier = 20
  • When base product stock quantity < a variation multiplier its shows as out of stock

FPuppy Processes

Day to day general

  • Kitting
  • Monitor reorder levels
  • Monitor packaging supplies levels
  • Review/improve process
  • Answer customer enquiries

Order fulfilment

  • List orders to fill
  • Print address labels to fill
  • Print invoices/packing list to fill
  • Picking list
    • Cut if necessary
  • Package
  • Post

Workspace equipment:

  • Touchscreen workstation + second screen for entertainment
  • Printer
  • Label printer
    • Addresses
    • Kitting labels (or pay to get printed if more cost efficient
  • Counting scales
  • Drop saw
  • Metal rulers
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Tape dispenser
  • Bins for picking orders? or 1 at a time


  • Workbench for cutting
  • Workbench for kitting/packaging


  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Internet


  • Racks for longer lengths
  • Part bins for separate parts
  • Part bins for small kits
  • Packaging


  • Pens, markers
  • Cardboard roll
  • Bubble roll
  • White paper

Ecommerce solutions NZ



Need simplicity & preferably stock management

Integrated Finance package, inventory & ecommerce


Ok tried Storbie, has a few layout issues and the complex product export is broken as it includes html from descriptions which adds linefeeds to the export

China Aluminium



20 = 6mm slot, 5.5mm center, M6 center scrws

30 = 8mm, 7.3mm center, M8 center screws

40 = 10mm, 10mm center, M12 center screws?

45, 50, 60 = 10, 10mm center

Nut 10: 10mm base, 20mm top, depth?

M6 Low Profile








Not quite extra low:


NZ Tarrif:

Aluminium bars, rods and profiles 76.04

Of Aluminium – not alloyed


Of Aluminium Alloys

7604.21.00 Hollow Profiles

7604.29 Other








  • aluminium producer, land bound except 3 gorges dam will allow access from sea eventually

Shandong Aluminum Company, Pingguo Aluminum Company, Shanxi Aluminum Plant and the Lanzhou Aluminum Plant

China’s largest private aluminum producer was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Zouping, Shandong. China Hongqiao Group Limited is a subsidiary of China Hongqiao Holdings Limited

China Power Investment Corporation’s

Shandong Xinfa Aluminum Group Co. Ltd Founded in 1972 and headquartered in the Shandong Province of eastern China, the company has over 50 subsidiaries in power generation, alumina and aluminum refining, carbon production and downstream aluminum product manufacturing.

East Hope Group