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Embedded firmware notes for MCU type products

Orange Pi

Write img files with: Win32DiskImager Balena Etcher Orange Pi One Sandisk Ultra A1 32GB Armbian_20.05.4_Orangepizero_focal_current_5.4.45 Formatted card as NTFS, No idea if this is necessary Wrote & verified image with Win32DiskImager Booted Orange Pi One up ok Armbian first start: Prompted for new root password sxxxxxnnn2 Prompted for Locale Prompted to create new user: txxbxx […]

Embedded part inventory

Qty What Notes Addons 1 PCDuino V1 RJ45 jack fell off 1 Raspberry Pi 2011.12 Model A Revision 2.0 (256MB or 512MB)PCB says: “Raspberry Pi (c)2011.12” Adafruit Pi T CobblerNicegear Pi IO Board 1 MXCHIP EMWE-3165-AV1.0 EMW3185 Dev Board ( Seedstudio ) STLink V2.0 1 Beaglebone Rev A6a 2 BeagleBone Black Rev A5C Adafruit Beaglebone project cape


20170106 (PIC32MX695F512L) Dell XPS 2710 W10 Installed full MP Lab X 3.50 package all options Near end of install it Reminded me to use switcher for IDe V8.x to MPLab X switching Optionally took me to links for: XC compilers (I downloaded XC32) Harmony 2.0 beta MPLab Code Configurator Gave me host ID and license […]

STM F4 Discovery IDE

Install CooCox IDE CoIDE-1.7.8 Install GCC ARM compiler gcc-arm-none-eabi-6_2-2016q4-20161216-win32 Install STM32 Link utility (Installs drivers as well) is file en.stsw-link004 When you go to build your project, it will ask for the path to the compiler, complete that and you are away


Ubuntu 15.10 Desltop 64 bit installed on VBox 5.0 (Win 10 host) Lets follow: EMW3165 is soldered to EMWE-3165 Downloaded WICED-SDK-3.3.1 7/20/2015 UPDATE:  After installing the IDE you may not see all the APPs.  Press F5 in Eclipse to refresh and all the Apps will show. Known Limitations & Notes ———————————————————————   * Features […]