Wanhao Duplicator 4 Makerbot Desktop Windows 10 64Bit

Old PC retired, time to run up the duplicator 4 on new PC

Was running ReplicatorG on old machine.  We will see if we can use later software.

Installing Makerbot Desktop 3.10 (Beta)

Note to self re Firmware Upgrade option:

Wanhao is a clone of ‘Makerbot Replicator Dual’.  The Makerbot Desktop software will tell you your firmware is v7.2 and will allow an upgrade attempt to 7.5.

This forum Post suggests you *can* sucessfuly update to 7.5 if the machine type is set to Replicator Dual, but also says *DON’T DO IT* Yes all in caps.  So we won’t.


Set as Replicator Dual, looking for good tradeoff between speed and quality, most parts are stressed so lookin for ABS with high % content for strenght

Replicator G:

  • 50% infill + 3 shells is good result

Makerbot Desktop

  • Low, Infill = 50%, 3 Shells is not too bad
  • Except: Smaller parts dimensionally slightly too large, will tweak Extruder settings:
    • Attempt 1: Settings -> Low -> Right Extruder: Change from 1.77 to 2.0mm = ABSOLUTLY NO CHANGE, same part printed at 1.77mm & 2.0mm is 7g
    • Attempt 1: Settings -> Low -> Right Extruder: Change from 1.77 to 2.25mm = ABSOLUTLY NO CHANGE, same part printed at 1.77mm & 2.25mm is 7g


Wanhao Duplicator 4 revisited 20161228

Had a bracket to print.

Printer to be connected to W7Server running Win 10 Home 64 bit

Installed Python 2.x 64 bit version

Installed Replicator 4 (Drivers failed so possibly did a reinstall)

Open STL file and after aligning to print bed generated GCode then saved as x7G to SDCard


Ran through bed alignment process on printer multiple times, not a great result so bed must be bent.

Note I some time ago installed some Aluminium bed support arms to try to increase the stiffness.

Tried to insert SDCard but it wouldn’t click nicely in place, possibly some crud int eh SDCard socket?

Unscrewed button/SDCard board, so I could get to the SDCard, and used force to get it in/out a few times, still sticky.

Started teh print, it went well. After removing the completed print, started the same file again as I needed 2 of these.

ARRRRRRG. The bed had gone out of calibration and the nozzle tore up the Kapton tape.


Replaced the Kapton tape..

So now leveling the bed after every print, printed 4 x 200mm long flat parts and now no issues

Have ordered some PEI sheet to try next


Wanhao Duplicator 4 Out of the box


Wanaho Duplicator 4 arrived

  • The (large!) Box had a crumpled corner but was very well packaged so no issues
  • Assembled easily per website
  • Looks good but I don’t think the acrylic chassis will hold together so will strengthen it later

Setup: followed manual, no indication as to whether it expects ABS on one side & PLA on the other so I just made a choice.

Levelled bed ok, loaded Filaments ok, started test print from SD Card, came out a bit crappy as the 2 nozzles get in the way of each other when printing

Ok now to try a model off the net.

  • Installed Python 3,4 (Latest)
  • Installed Replicator G

Issues re Windows 8:

  • Drivers for this printer are for ‘MightyBoard S3G’ are not digitally signed so had to restart windows and temporarily disable driver signing..

Issue re Python:

  • Replicator G doesn’t recognise 3.4, needs 2.x version, installed that and is good now.

Started Replicator G:

  • opened model stl file
  • scaled to 1.2
  • saved model
  • clicked generate GCode

Generate GCode dialog:

In defaults tab selected ‘Load Replicator defaults’:

Common options:

  • Replicator 2 slicing defaults
  • Use right extruder (ABS)
  • Use Raft/Support: Yes
  • Use support material: None
  • Use default start/end GCode: Yes
  • Use Print-O-Matic: Yes

Settings tab:

  • Object infill: 10%
  • Layer height mm: 0.27
  • Number of shells: 1
  • Feedrate (mm/s): 40
  • Travel Feedrate: 55
  • Print Temperature: 220

Plastic tab:

  • Filament diameter (mm): 1.82

Extruder tab

  • Nozzle Diameter (mm): 4

3:22 later… Some print issues mainly first layer not sticking to bed from what I can see

For the second print

  • Recalibrated bed level for second print a bit more aggressively
  • Set print temperature to 230
  • Edit GCode set bed temperature to 120 (from 110)

8:44 later, ho hum… Still some issues not sticking in rear right corner.

20180105 Capturing settings before fresh install of the PC

ReplicatorG 0040

  • GCode
    • Generator = Skeinforge (50)
  • Machine = The Replicator Dual
  • Generate GCode:
    • Replicator Slicing Defaults
    • Use Right Extruder
    • Raft = No
    • Support = No
    • Use Default Start/End GCode = Yes
    • Use print-O-Matic = No