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Stern Starwars Premium 3D Prints

New 202303 Scale notes: Will try ratio 13/8 = ~1.625 Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Huge amount of stringing, would’ve been a great print without that.. Same again but Tie_Fighter_1150625 Looking to size same as 40% X-Wing above, X-Wing = L 80mm, Tie Fighter should be 50mm Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Then again retraction 1.4 still stringing..

Prusa MK3S+

20210510 Kits, new Machine 1 identified by orange Z motor holders Built ok Z settings (FYI: -1.8 is lower than -1.7): PINDA offset: says cable tie height which I measure at 1mm also saw a post saying “Make sure the PINDA is between 0.8 and 1.2 mm higher then the nozzle” I want maximum offset […]