AnyCubic Linear Plus Delta 3d Printer

20180507 Z Offset:

  • PLA 15.39
  • PETG 15.29 = good overall adhesion


20180417 Z Offset: 15.49mm

20180409 NZ$479.93

Box arrived in good shape.  Contents impressive & well packed

Construction notes:

  • Replaced the rectangular flat slot nuts with M4 Block nuts where possible
    • Estimate = 9 as did all 3 in each vertical to base joints
  • Extended cables for Z Endstop, and Auto levelling sensor, would’ve liked to extend Y Stepper cable slightly as well but is ok for now
  • A couple of cable clips on Extruder stepper cable
    • 2 x (5.4mm White Clip + M4 Hammer nut + M4 washer + M4 x 8mm Button head)
  • A couple of cable clips on cable from effector where goes into base
    • 2 x (10.?mm White Clip + M4 Hammer nut + M4 washer + M4 x 8mm Button head)
  • 6 feet underneath to improve airflow & sit better/quieter
    • 6 x (20mm rubber foot + M4 Hammer nut + M4 x 10mm button head)
  • Some cables are a bit short (*just* long enough) and some are way too long
  • Magnetic attachment for levelling probe ‘rocks’ as screw holding magnet into probe is not level with top of magnet:
    • Removed matching steel plate off effector and drilled out 6mm hollow in center to accomodate the top of the screw.
  • Instructions pretty good

To do:

  • External Mosfet for heat bed
  • Fan for steppers

Initial startup thoughts

  • Leveling process pretty straightforward
  • Loaded up Cura 3.2 and added this machine profile:¬†
  • First print:
    • Printed in supplied black PLA
    • 0.2 / 20% / Adhesion = No / Support = No
    • Cura estimated 7h actual = 8.5
    • Result was excellent
    • Stuck very hard to anycubic build surface