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Stern Starwars Premium 3D Prints

New 202303 Scale notes: Will try ratio 13/8 = ~1.625 Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Huge amount of stringing, would’ve been a great print without that.. Same again but Tie_Fighter_1150625 Looking to size same as 40% X-Wing above, X-Wing = L 80mm, Tie Fighter should be 50mm Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Then again retraction 1.4 still stringing..

Prusa MK3S+

20210510 Kits, new Machine 1 identified by orange Z motor holders Built ok Z settings (FYI: -1.8 is lower than -1.7): PINDA offset: says cable tie height which I measure at 1mm also saw a post saying “Make sure the PINDA is between 0.8 and 1.2 mm higher then the nozzle” I want maximum offset […]

Prints CCoxon Mounting Plate V4 100%, Cura 3.2 = 177g Lock Bolt V4 100% Cura 3.2 = 2g ALP 45×45 etc 100%, Cura 3.2 = 42g Petg Cost 5 $ g Charge $/g $39 1000 $0.039 $0.20 Print grams Material cost Retail 150 $5.87 $29.35 10 $0.39 $1.96 50 $1.96 $9.78

Cura 3.x Slicer

For Anycubic Delta Linear Plus installed 3.2 STL Model loaded up interface gets sluggish and really unusable Notice that it automatically slices after every change so: Preferences -> Configure Cura -> General Disabled Slice Automatically Disabled all under privacy setting while I am here Quality Enabled Initial Layer Height Enabled Infill Pattern Layer view is […]

AnyCubic Linear Plus Delta 3d Printer

20210511 Starting with above, installed Arduino IDE, opened Marlin.ino, Selected Mega2560 Board and: Left as KNUTWURST_KOSSEL_PLUS BUT changed: Heatbed to type 1 (was 2 for Ultrabase) Build size down from 120mm radius to 110 radius 20210510 Version: KOSSEL_PLUS_12864_v1.0.3.hex Flash firmware using Arduino IDE (Mega 2560 as a board and ATmega2560 MCU) Did M48 […]

Tevo Little Monster

AE 201804 NZ$846.20, whilst on Sale & NZ$ at US$0.73 Golden ratio layer heights: 0.0809 0.1618 0.3236 20180520 Initial assembly observations / modifications: Used longer M5 bolts for attaching C Beam to Top / Bottom plates Bottom belt idler assemblies: Replaced non-toothed bottom belt idlers with toothed (GT2x6mm, 20T, B5mm) Use M5 T-Block nuts (drilled […]