SDXL Art Styles

Abstract, Advertising, Alien
Analog Film, Anime, Architectural
Base, Cinematic, Collage
Comic Book, Craft Clay, Cubist
Digital Art, Disco (obviously 🙂 ), Dreamscape
Dystopian, Enhance, Fairy Tale
Fantasy Art, Fighting Game, Film Noir
Flat Papercut, Food Photography, Gothic
Graffiti, Grunge, GTA
HDR, Horror, Hyperrealism
Impressionist, Isometric Style, Kirigami
Legend of Zelda, Line Art, Long Exposure
LowPoly, Minecraft, Minimalist
Monochrome, Nautical, Neon Noir
Neon Punk, Origami, Paper Mache
Paper Quilling, Papercut Collage, Papercut Shadow Box
Photographic, Pixel Art, Pointilism
Pokemon, Pop Art, Psychedelic
Real Estate, Renaissance, Retro Arcade
Retro Game, RPG Fantasy Game, Silhouette
Space, Stacked Papercut, Stained Glass
Steampunk, Strategy Game, Street Fighter
Super Mario (who might have guessed), Surrealist, Techwear Fashion
Texture, Thick Layered Papercut, Tilt Shift
Tribal, Typography
Watercolor, Zentangle