Handy: largest tail lift truck , 189 per day midweek special -10% Large truck internal they say is 4.36L x 2.07W x 1.95H: can take 24 x 3 drawer cabs in theory with aluminum on top Load 1:00 Up 4:00 Unload 1:00 Down 4:00 Total 10:00 3 Trips in 2 days rental, 250km x 6 […]

Desktop I7-7700K, GTX 1080 Used

Todo: GPU Sag Water cool GPU (Kraken G12 + Kraken ??) 20200729 Software Chrome + Firefox NZXT CAM Oculus Tools 20200729 Initial setup Tidied PSU cable routing Tidied some other cable routing Put back in GTX 1080 Removed SSD & put in a new Crucial MX500 1000GB SATA M.2 2280 SSD (CT1000MX500SSD4) Win 10 Home […]

Embedded part inventory

Qty What Notes Addons 1 PCDuino V1 RJ45 jack fell off 1 Raspberry Pi 2011.12 Model A Revision 2.0 (256MB or 512MB)PCB says: “Raspberry Pi (c)2011.12” Adafruit Pi T CobblerNicegear Pi IO Board 1 MXCHIP EMWE-3165-AV1.0 EMW3185 Dev Board ( Seedstudio ) STLink V2.0 1 Beaglebone Rev A6a 2 BeagleBone Black Rev A5C Adafruit Beaglebone project cape

Woocommerce DB checks

— DB Checks — select * from vProducts where 1 = 1 and product_type = ‘simple’ and pm_manage_stock != ‘no’ and (pm_stock_status != ‘instock’ and coalesce(pm_stock, 0) > 0); select count(*) as chk from wp1_posts where post_status not in (select post_status from m4m_refOrderStates) and post_type = ‘shop_order’; select id, pmd.post_title, pmd.pm_price, pm_regular_price from vProductMetaData pmd […]

Woocommerce price vs regular price fix

update wp1_postmeta pm join ( select id, pmd.post_title, pmd.pm_price, pm_regular_price from vProductMetaData pmd join vProducts vp on vp.wp_post_id = where coalesce(pmd.pm_price,0 ) <> coalesce (pmd.pm_regular_price,0) and product_type = ‘simple’ ) t on = pm.post_id set pm.meta_value = pm_price where pm.meta_key = ‘_regular_price’;