Workshop shuffle 20200201

Objective: Primary: Bay 2: 5 PBalls in a row backing to Aluminium – DONE Bay 3: 8 x 15D cabs in rightside Lundia static wall – DONE Secondary: 55″ TV back at Bay 3 window – DONE Fasetech Rig more room for rotate (Swap 3dr cabs for Tall white cabs) – DONE SimXP rig back […]

Laser Cutter 2020Jan

Onboarding Task list: Unpack – 20200205 DONE Verify chassis is earthed via Main plug – DONE Verify tube works – 20200206 DONE Install analog mA meter – 20200207 DONE Setup basic water reticulation – 20200206 DONE Map initial (low) power settings to actual milliamps to ensure using minimum for subsequent mirror alignment DONE 20200207 Setup […]

Farm 2020 Jan

Him: Air Rifles Pellets Targets Paper Swinging 22LR Rifles Gunbox Knives are already there Sleep Bags (All) Tents Camping mattresses Pillows Torches: 18650 Torches 18650 Batteries + Charger Dolphin torch Rope Cig Lighter Pocket Knife Automotive 12v Starter compressor utility thing Sun hats Shorts/Togs Camo shirt Gumboots Clothes for 6 days Water drums Laptop: Email […]

2020 Giant Trance E+3 & Liv Embolden E+2

Seat options: His: Sit Bones 133mm apart according Specialised computer at Burkes Cycles in Kilbirnie which recommended: Specialised Saddle Bridge Sport 155mm $60. Oh yeah, that’s much better! Hers: Sit Bones 163mm apart: Specialized Power Comp Mimic Saddle, Womens $150 Update 20191224: Neither bike came with the 500wH battery. Took batteries in to the dealer. […]