GMail classifying shipping notifications as SPAM

Customers say they are not receiving our emails to GMAIL accounts. Testing shows they are in the GMail SPAM folder Attempts to resolve this: Domain Authentication per Add & verify your Authentication Domains What’s an Authentication Domain? An authentication domain is either the DKIM (d=) or SPF domain (Return-Path domain) that is used to […]

Convert US Dates to Normal

Los estúpidos gringos americanos use MDY, why? WhoDaFuckKnows(tm) So getting dates from paypal statement exports (MDY) into the rest of the world (DMY) format: Excel: convert dates currently in US m/d/y format to UK / NZ / AU / Europe etc etc etc d/m/y: Insert a column to the right of the MDY dates column […]

CNC Machine Resuscitation

The 2009 ex China (via EBay) CNC machine initially used as MK1 Pick Place is finally to put back to being a CNC machine So time to repurpose back to being a CNC machine Aspirations: Functioning with dedicated PC (possibly Raspberry Pi or Beagle Board etc) Compact as much as possible to live on the […]

Audi TT MK2 (2007-2013)

2.0 litres (1984cc): Look for TFSI engine EA888, earlier is EA113 FSI engine Engines used in VW Golfs so parts / knowledge etc should be easily gettable even if overseas Water pumps need to be replaced every ??? km as has plastic impellers.. Auto or DSG DSG is gnerally considered reliable, but dual clutches + […]

2 x 15 drawer cabs

Do you want these Right one has 3 bottom drawers with side, remaing drawers dont have sides and 1 is missing Left has all 15 drawers (bottom drawer is a little bent), no drawers have sides Both about 1330 high, left is 300 wide and 400 deep, right is 330 wide and 380 deep

Aluminium Saw Options

Deliberately do not want a sliding model due to both space & long term accuracy issues Preferable 254mm (10″) blade as that currently just fits in the space available Electric brake saves waiting for saw to wind down after a cut (although a repeatedly accurate saw may negate this current need) Handle orientation horizontal to […]

QNAP QFinder failed to get response from the device

Windows 10, attempting to setup a QNAP NAS TS409 Pro Getting: ‘Failed to get a response from the device’ Resolution: Closed QNAP Finder Win+S: ‘firewall’ Select ‘Allow an app through the windows firewall’ Closed QFinder Deleted all firewall entries for QNAP Finder Restarted QFinder, windows promptyed for permission, set to allow QFinder on Private networks

Audi TT MK1

How much to pay (US$ 7 market)• Project $1000-3000 • Good $4000-7000 • Concours $8000+ Overview Practicality ★★★Running costs ★★★Spares ★★★DIY friendly ★★★Investment ★★Desirability ★★★ As one of the main trendsetters from the 1990s, the original Audi TT still looks modern in contemporary traffic. It was first seen in 1995 as a VW Group California studio design concept, and when it […]