SimExperience Stage 1 new front end

4040 2 x 390mm inserted into end of Stage 1 side bars, 200mm in out extension available Each: Stop for maximum extension: threaded M6 10mm from 1 end Cap screw M6x16mm as a stop Each: Clamping: 2 x M8 4040 T8mm M8 Spring block nuts 2 x M8x16mm clamping handles (Maybe cut down later pack […]

Yamaha Jog

20210102 12.5k Trouble starting Removed & cleaned carburettor Inlet manifold hose clamp thread is stripped (Yamaha 90450-32081) Oil injection line has a small spring clip (Yamaha 90468-02033) New Spark plug NGK – BPR7HS, gap 0.028″ Todo: Air filter Change gearbox oil? Belt / rollers


New: 3840 x 2160 Export: SHIFT+CTRL+E = Export type set by extension = .jpg change Quality, what is least possible? to see file size toggle ‘Show preeview’ And Export To close image in GIMP: CTRL-W ALT-D to discard changes or same if you think want to tweak it later

Samsung The Frame 2020

Your own images: Single image: 3840 x 2160 recommended but so long as 16:9 less is ok 3 x vertical images: (Triptych Mat): 16:9 vertical? At Sira: Start GIMP Drag to GIMP to open, if prompts to convert embedded assets = YES Choose to Scale or CROP, have a play, CTRL-Z = undo Scale: Image->Scale […]

Orange Pi

Write img files with: Win32DiskImager Balena Etcher Orange Pi One Sandisk Ultra A1 32GB Armbian_20.05.4_Orangepizero_focal_current_5.4.45 Formatted card as NTFS, No idea if this is necessary Wrote & verified image with Win32DiskImager Booted Orange Pi One up ok Armbian first start: Prompted for new root password sxxxxxnnn2 Prompted for Locale Prompted to create new user: txxbxx […]

Woocommerce replace order line item

Note: No pricing changes here: select * from wp1_woocommerce_order_items where order_id = 7934; select * from wp1_woocommerce_order_itemmeta where order_item_id = 32168; update wp1_woocommerce_order_itemmetax set meta_value = ‘3373’ where meta_id = 237358 and meta_key = ‘_product_id’; update wp1_woocommerce_order_itemsx set order_item_name = ‘E3D Style Heat Break Throat M7-M6 / 22mm / 1.75mm / All Metal’ where order_item_id […]