Skyrim VR Quest 2 + RTX 3080

20210611 (NZ$3300 aprox incl) Alienware Aurora R11: i7-10700F 16GB average ram RTX 3080 (dell special) Clean new machine Initial setup Go through manufacturer startup All windows updates Removed a little bloatware Initial Skyrim setup: Install Steam & login Add D: as default install path for Steam Install Skyrim Install Steam VR Install Oculus setup & […]

CNC Mill XK7113

20210320 Trademe bought used ($2,110), from the listing: Description It’s got a full set of ER20 Collets -Multiple cutters mostly in 3/4/5/6mm (I usually purchased 3 at a time, so lot’s of spares) -A coupe of ball end cutters -Self Centering Edge Finder -Magnetic Micrometer for getting things square / aligning edges etc… -Machinist Vice […]

QNAP TS-230 Nas Install Issues

New Paradign Pcs 202105 Preparation: Installed single new Seagate IronWolf Pro 18TB Note: ’18TB’ = 16.37TB formatted Initial setup: Installed latest QFinder Pro Powered on TS-230 QFinder found and started popped up Smart install in a browser window which I accepted Went away and came back to a Wonky broken admin (overlaid page elements, no […]

Rangiora NAS Rationalisation 202104

To do: New Main NAS WIP 202105 Bought QNAP TS-230 ~NZ$300 incl 2 Bay, 2GB ram, can run container station (expect to run NODE.JS with custom app to control Meural photo frames) New NAS Harddrives 202105 Bought Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18tb (16.3TB when formatted) ~NZ$1050 incl 202106 Ordered 2nd Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18tb ~NZ$1050 incl […]

Meural II Local Controller

Meural II has very basic controls (too simple) Note we only use our own images organized into our own playlists we have 3 frames all in Portrait organised as a Triptych also: it ignores order of items in a playlist (a bug), so although we have a specific playlists on each frame with specificlaly ordered […]

Meural II Issues

New Frame, on start provides a QR code to scan Installed the App (Android) App finds the frame App shows visible Wifi SSIDs, I select mine, and enter the password at the prompt = ‘Wrong network name or password I shortened the password, made no difference Tried ‘other’ and entered SSID & password, the frame […]