Meural II Local Controller

Meural II has very basic controls (too simple) Note we only use our own images organized into our own playlists we have 3 frames all in Portrait organised as a Triptych also: it ignores order of items in a playlist (a bug), so although we have a specific playlists on each frame with specificlaly ordered […]

Meural II Issues

New Frame, on start provides a QR code to scan Installed the App (Android) App finds the frame App shows visible Wifi SSIDs, I select mine, and enter the password at the prompt = ‘Wrong network name or password I shortened the password, made no difference Tried ‘other’ and entered SSID & password, the frame […]

Digital Photo Frames

QTY US$ NZ$ incl GST Sara Me Total 15/12/2020 Noel Leeming Samsung The Frame 65″ 1  $     3,500.00  $     3,500.00 20/01/2021 Amazon MRQ 15.6″ 1080p frtame 1 198.91  $         285.93 20/01/2021 Amazon Canvia Digital Frame x 2 2 1352.24  $     1,943.85 20/01/2021 Amazon NixPlay Smart Digital Frame 1 128.68  $         184.98 23/01/2021 Noel Leeming Samsung […]

SimExperience Stage 1 new front end

4040 2 x 390mm inserted into end of Stage 1 side bars, 200mm in out extension available Each: Stop for maximum extension: threaded M6 10mm from 1 end Cap screw M6x16mm as a stop Each: Clamping: 2 x M8 4040 T8mm M8 Spring block nuts 2 x M8x16mm clamping handles (Maybe cut down later pack […]

Yamaha Jog

20210102 12.5k Trouble starting Removed & cleaned carburettor Inlet manifold hose clamp thread is stripped (Yamaha 90450-32081) Oil injection line has a small spring clip (Yamaha 90468-02033) New Spark plug NGK – BPR7HS, gap 0.028″ Todo: Air filter Change gearbox oil? Belt / rollers