Packaging Options for MfM

Between brown paper, bubble wrap & corrugated cardboard a lot fo space is taken up by these materials Having them hanging above bench 2 is fine, but above bench 3 limits that benchs usefulness: Bench top to ceiling to 1200mm and each roll hangs down at least 600m when full so we can;t place drill […]

Woocommerce 2.x Refund Notes

Editing orders in Woocommerce 2.x.x: Paypal order: can’t be edited can do refunds Non Paypal orders: Can edit, in which is case is reflected on the invoice Can do refunds Refunds actioned through the Woocommerce orders view are a new separate post (so can probably have multiple refunds) posts table: post_type = ‘shop_order_refund’ post_parent = […]

Sim Rig (Static mostly) Options Monstertech VirPil [Accelid] [Arozzi] [Atomic Motion Systems] [Bugeyetech] [Canis Motion] [CKAS] [DOF Reality] [Geko Systems] [GT Omega Racing] [Monstertech] [MotionGear] [Obutto] [Pagnian] [PeinGear] [ProSimu] [Simpit] [SimXperience] [Wolf Hardware] [Yaw Motion Simulator]

MS Office installs

Gotta keep track of expensive licenses 20190613 unstalled Family license off JDB HP stream 11 20190430 Sold Touch Stream 13 to BenH, no office installed Also: According to the manual, the keystrokes to access the BIOS of the Stream 11 are: To start Setup Utility (BIOS), turn on or restart the computer, quickly press esc, and then press f10. I’ve just used this […]

Oculus Quest

Free games: Quake Quest Epic Roller Coaster – 2 demo coasters Big Screen Beta – Interactive Bait – Fishing PokerStars VR First Contact Bogo Steps for Streamed Skyrim VR (ALVR) Install SideQuest Goto and register organisation (MfM Ltd) Goto and download Oculus Go driver Enable Developer Mode on paired mobile app (Click paried […]

Prints CCoxon Mounting Plate V4 100%, Cura 3.2 = 177g Lock Bolt V4 100% Cura 3.2 = 2g ALP 45×45 etc 100%, Cura 3.2 = 42g Petg Cost 5 $ g Charge $/g $39 1000 $0.039 $0.20 Print grams Material cost Retail 150 $5.87 $29.35 10 $0.39 $1.96 50 $1.96 $9.78