Skyrim VR 202403

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Note Quest 3: 4,128 x 2,208 Installed Mad Dogs NSFW Initial start = Skyrium VR -> Steam VR -> Oculus Air Link How to get Quest 3 Airlink to look better than Virtual Desktop AV1 10 bit Just thought I’d share my findings from some playing around with the Airlink settings […]

NAS Boxes 20240320

UPS option:–660W-3-ANZ-Outlet 20240322 Before: We are spread across multiple NAS boxes ordered 2 x Toshiba Enterprise HDD 20TB, MG10ACA20TE AU$1250 incl GST for the pair ordered 2 x Seagate Exos X20 ST18000NM003D 18TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gb/s 3.5in Recertified Hard Drive @ US$398.00 / NZ$674.22 landed for the pair. Wouldve preferred Iron […]

KuWfi CPE120 pair setup

My other pages on these units Goals Relevant observations/notes: Host unit setup Host unit menu: WiFi -> 2G Wifi Host unit menu: Manage Client unit setup Paired units by pressing reset on both then: Client unit menu: WiFi -> 2G Wifi Client unit menu: WiFi -> Repeater settings Client unit menu: Manage

KuWfi CPE120 pair as supplied

Pretty cheap for a point to point wireless network link, but so lacking in documentation.. so capturing/testing now in event of future issues My other pages on these units A quick note on SPEED.. These are 2.4GHz so if using a standard 2.4GHz wifi connection for the bridge (i.e. nothing proprietary) then I expect about […]

Vodafone Ultrahub snapshot

Just for future reference Ultra Hub modem | Frequently Asked QuestionsPublished on: 18/05/2023 02:20 PMThis article covers the most common questions and answers about the Ultra Hub (H500-t).Where should I place my Ultra Hub?To get the best performance, it’s recommended you place your Ultra Hub in a ventilated place away from heat sources.To maximise the […]

Oculus Quest 3

Slightly better resolution, much better off center (edge to edge) clarity 20240307 Virtual Desktop was flaky with Skyrim so back to Air Link primarily with issues reconnecting to a game in progress when Quest goes to sleep

Stab Diff

For portraits: Alphonse Mucha, Pino Daeni, John William Waterhouse Somewhat spicier and fantasy: Luis Royo, Frank Frazetta (I was disappointed to find that Paolo Serpieri isn’t included in the dataset :/) If you want great future Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk stuff (Spaceships, Cityscapes, Megabuildings): Syd Mead, John Berkey, Paul Chadeisson Surreal/Horror: Zdzisław Beksiński, HR Giger Surreal […]